May 2013

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New design in my series of watercolour mandalas.




A lino print based on a photograph my husband took in the Welsh countryside. The sheep looks a little like a Highland cow-sheep hybrid but it seems pretty contented nevertheless.

Absolutely stunning illustrations by Dan Matutina, animated by Giant Ant, for the NRDC.

Original drawing

‘Beware of the Dog’ started off life as a tiny drawing in my sketchbook with a 0.03 Copic fineliner. I scanned the drawing in and heightened the contrast in Photoshop to get a clear black and white image. The file was then transferred to Illustrator and I used the live trace feature to create a vector image that could be successfully enlarged.

Layers were created for each new colour selection and blocks of colour drawn using the Pen Tool. The final screenprint used six different inks, so six transparencies were made and these were exposed onto a screen.

Each colour was printed separately and the illustration gradually appeared out of obscurity with each new layer of ink. The black layer (the original drawing) was printed last and brought it all together.

Final six-colour screen print

Final six-colour screen print

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